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Sharon Whelton Glass

Desert Oasis Flower Medallion

Desert Oasis Flower Medallion

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  • Original design by Sharon Whelton
  • Sometimes we (artists) choose a color palette simply because we like the way the colors look together. Sometimes we want colorways to evoke certain feelings, like joy or nostalgia. And sometimes we use color to tell a story.

    This colorway tells the story of our grand roadtrip in April of last year when @bcwhelton and I drove from Alabama to Arizona and back again in ten mind-blowing days.

    Surrounded by completely unfamiliar terrain, Arizona felt like a different planet - red and orange, rocky and dry, beautiful and marvelous.

    We visited the lush Desert Botanical Garden, where I was enamored in particular with purple cacti and purple Chihuly glass.

    But as we drove across bridge after bridge with nothing but sand below, we realized that we had taken for granted the beauty of our home state - its abundance of grass, trees and blue-green waters. And we returned to Alabama with a new appreciation for our local ecosystem.

  • Perfect for a wall or a window 
  • Ready to ship

  • Handcrafted in Birmingham, Alabama

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glass, lead, nickel chain


natural lead


approximately 10.5 inches in diameter

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